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Presentation of EPE ANABIB J.S.C  
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Nos filiales :

* ALTUMET spa, Energie, Hydraulique
* TUBPROFIL spa, Tous secteur d'activités
* PIPEGAZ spa, Hydrocarbures, Hydraulique
* IRRAGRIS spa, L'irrigation maîtrisée
Depuis le 1er janvier 2001, ANABIB est structuré en quatre filiales spécialisées, possédant chacune les compétences et les outils qui en font des professionnels reconnus.
The Industrial Group ANABIB derived, in 1983, from the organizational restructuring of SNS (National Steel Company), is a corporation called (National Company Pipes and transformation of flat products) whose capital is wholly owned by the SGP TRANSOLB.
ANABIB Group was to ensure the national needs in steel products from the second transformation.
The transformation of the economic environment was the determining factor in adapting to the contract by the Group at an ANABIB development of its fields of activity by opting for technologies at the forefront of progress.

Leader and industrial player in the domestic market, Anabib Group now offers through its subsidiaries a diverse range of products for different sectors of Energy, of Water Resources, Agriculture, Industry and Construction. Made according to international standards, products offered by the group extends to Oil pipes, hydraulic systems, sprinkler irrigation and greenhouses through by the cold rolled, galvanized sheets and safety barriers, covering a variety of applications.
Our products have penetrated many countries of the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya) , Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the United States. through the seal of approval recognized by users , which has given our group a deserved place for years as a leading provider of irrigation equipment of the Republic of Iraq and becoming, to date, a reference mark.
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