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Our units :

* ALTUMET, Energy, Hydraulic
* PAF, Cold profiles
* PTS, Small Tubes welded
* PTTP, Small Tubes and profiled sheets
* IRRAGRIS, Controlled irrigation
Since 1 January 2016, ANABIB is structured into five (05) specialized units, Possessing the skills and tools that make them recognized professionals.
ANABIB The National Company of Tubes and Transformation of Flat Products is a subsidiary of IMETAL Group.
in 2016, ANABIB derived, from the The Industrial Group ANABIB.
ALTUMET : Algerian Company of Metallic Tubes: Industrial Zone, Réghaia, Algiers
PAF : Cold Metal Section: Industrial Zone, Réghaia, Algiers
PTS : Small Welded Tubes: Industrial Zone, Réghaia, Algiers
IRRAGRIS : Spray Irrigation Tubes and Materials: Industrial Zone, Bordj Bou Arreridj
PTTP : Small Tubes and Flat Sheet Steel: Industrial Zone, Hassi Ameur, Oran

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